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How to match the sexy lingeries

the sexy lingeries not only need to meet the size and mood, and head on different occasions with appropriate outerwear is also crucial. Can combine design and material of the coat and wearing occasions, will be able to reflect the wearer's taste and cultivation. On the market there are numerous different styles of sexy underwear how trade-offs to a full coat and sexy lingeries characteristics obtain complementary wonderful effect it?
sexy lingeries
Costume sexy lingeries coat may wish to think about the following points:
A tie coat design it?
B sexy lingeries lines conspicuous?
C activities freely? Whether to feel unnatural?
D color coordination? Would not collide?
E can with the dress gives the impression of it?
1, costume clairvoyant outfit
Wear clairvoyant outfit sexy lingeries attention is enough to be worthy of any adjective. Because this clothing itself in the "avant-garde" and "vulgar" wire. If Ze sexy lingeries improper election, the result is disastrous. In general, this time a sexy lingeries price will not be less than the coat, the beautiful delicate Waichuan without colds. Also pay attention to the color, uneven color will seem vulgar ugly, select the same color costume sexy lingeries can coat complement each other, seamless feel. Of course, the cup size can not be ignored. The cup is too small and fat to bulge, that is appalling thing, so be sure to select the appropriate cup size.
2, costume cheongsam
The thin quality the cheongsam close carcass, the curve thus the sexy lingeries select more can not be ignored is completed. At this time, a Slim systemic corset is Achievo charm. It can also make the focus on the chest and enhance, tighten the abdomen and buttocks fat, the overall adjustment of the various parts of your body. Breast height is not quite big enough, you can consider that you have to pad style. Should be noted that the cheongsam is high panties, panties feet flat foot type, should avoid the selection of high-hip type. If plump, you can not choose too tight style because the buttocks briefs traces it unsightly. To wear cheongsam without the sexy lingerie womens, or wearing half stockings with garter are taboo to wear cheongsam, very few people can withstand this test.
3, matching T-shirts and jeans
Wearing a T-shirt or knitwear lines of breasts particularly evident, therefore it is especially important to create a natural chest lines. Seamless bust or full cup of simple design is most appropriate. Can not only prevent the the bust lines revealed a T-shirt, to create a more rounded shape for breasts. Wear jeans, the best costume soft and comfortable underwear, and can not wear panty thigh is too thick, you can choose the type of soft reduction of long legs Shuku but if true too.
4, costume wear packages
Wear, package design and more emphasis on the chest and waist, so should wear a the body corset or high side rib bras stretch Shuku. A draping Pants have tightened and modification of the excess fat on waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Wearing panty or systemic corset curvy can highlight the a wonderful female's body, so that the wearer prepared to increase the body's self-confidence, more charming.
5, the costume open collar clothes
This clothing is tight design, to highlight graceful lines and attractive cleavage. Fuller side padded bra, chest thin people must elect strong upward tension following upholstered style. Because this time the need to upgrade the the chest high point, not only deepen the cleavage already pectoralis minor can only be pushed up and show the curvature of breast. Be careful not to expose the shoulder strap, the use will not be exposed to three-quarters cup of the shoulder strap or wear a strapless half cup.
6, costume sportswear
Action by a big margin when combined with exercise, pay attention to sports apparel is comfortable with the activity, sexy lingeries versa. Election of Chak material soft and elastic sexy lingeries even strenuous exercise is not a problem. The special sports Bust the cross style strap to prevent over-swing shoulder strap slipped and breast, and freedom of movement for the wearer, the most suitable for the use of intense exercise. Another exercise will sweat a lot, so selected the sexy lingeries should have moisture, absorb sweat sex.
the sexy lingeries choice is a learned skill, different coat requirements of sexy lingeries, sexy lingeries size amendment really have the the Second Deputy body frame effect. I believe that as long as you can grasp costume the sexy lingeries coat tips, wonderful body, unique temperament and impressive taste is no longer a distant dream.




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